Portland Magic Academy

presents Discover Magic

Empower kids by teaching  them the art of magic!

"A life skills course cleverly disguised as super-fun magic classes!"

Using the Discover Magic curriculum, each magic lesson builds character, confidence, and communication skills for life.

"The funnest summer camp program I've ever done!"

Super fun and engaging.  Appeals to kids of all ages.  Develops skills that last a lifetime.

The Discover Magic Curriculum

Secret file folders, custom tricks you won’t find anywhere else, and unique opportunities to boost self-confidence, build communication skills, and make new friends.

Discover Magic leverages the power and excitement of learning magic secrets to get kids to put down their electronic devices and learn important social skills that will last a lifetime. 

Each lesson teaches one of the eight traits of a true magician.  Our purpose is to teach respect, inspire creativity, encourage preparation, and so much more…all in a safe, friendly, fun environment.

Summer Camp Programs, After School Programs, School Presentations, and more!

Every Discover Magic class features custom created props, one of the traits of a true magician, top secret file folders for every child and even special bonus material the kids can unlock online with a secret code after each class.  The tricks taught are specially designed to encourage and reinforce the life skill being focused on during that lesson.

To learn more about the Discover Magic curriculum, CLICK HERE.

On the first day of class students get a secret file folder, a custom trick, and a special key card to access the online video vault.  Once logged in, secret words given at the end of each class will unlock more and more videos – including the special in-class videos that teach the 8 traits of a true magician and bonus videos covering additional tricks!

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