Live Online Magic Workshops

Fun, interactive magic workshops with supplies mailed directly to you.

“What is Magic?” Wonder Class

Our 60-minute virtual magic class (for kids age 7-12) that demonstrates how MAGIC is actually math, science, art, theater, and history!

Your Child Will Be So Excited!

The fun begins with our 60-minute online workshop where your kids learn amazing magic tricks, unpack their bag of supplies and surprises, participate in fun games, and even find out their secret super hero name!

The fun continues for hours and even days after as your child explores their file folder, practices their new magic skills, and uses their imagination to create unique performances.

Everything You Need Delivered

Before the workshop, we’ll send you a bag that contains everything you need to participate in the workshop.  Each child receives their own file folder, deck of cards, exclusive, specially-designed magic tricks, plus the supplies needed to perform all of the tricks in the workshop.

(Exact supplies subject to change)

How Does it Work?

Once you register for the workshop, you’ll be sent a link to join the online Zoom workshop.  A few days later, your package will arrive in the mail with all your supplies.  When it’s time for the workshop, simply click the encrypted link in your confirmation email and you’re set to go!  Visit our online FAQ.

What’s the Workshop About?

Mostly, it’s about kids having fun 🙂  But we also learn:

*Magic is SCIENCE – The Splash Bag magic trick works because of science.

*Magic is MATH – A number prediction and card trick use sequences and equations.

*Magic is ART – Optical illusions can deceive the eyes and play tricks on the mind.

*Magic is THEATER – Theater and magic both require planning, rehearsal, and a live performance.  Theater makes magic fun!

*Magic is HISTORY – Modern magicians stand on the shoulders of the creativity and inventors of the past.

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